Reinstoff Edison Höfe Berlin

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Chef Daniel Achilles presents a light and modern cuisine with a particularly elegant and refreshing, often vegetal, touch. The name reinstoff describes the basis of each dish, which is the use of matter (German: Stoff) that is as pure (German: rein) as possible. This includes not only freshness and quality, but also precision and authenticity which comes into play with every product. With his two menus ganznah and weiterdraußen, Daniel Achilles presents his international guests a level of complexity unmatched in Berlin and, at the same time, reflects his desire for culinary freedom.

Here, ganznah is the more classic menu where produce from Germany is used almost exclusively. No wonder, then, that the seasons automatically play a major role in this menu. With ganznah, Daniel Achilles pays tribute to current issues, such as food shortages and overfishing, by considering careful product selection from regional sources and how best to prepare them.

The menu weiterdraußen reflects the intrinsic motivation of the star chef to continuously progress with as much complexity as possible. With weiterdraußen, Daniel Achilles aims to offer his guests a culinary experience unique to Berlin and perhaps unmatched anywhere else in this form. The dishes, therefore, do not bow down to a certain style, instead, they are cosmopolitan and, in part, also inspired by current trends.